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Batik on Cotton
Soywax resist

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This video is a VERY brief demo* of the Rozome process. To experience the creation of this landscape in greater detail, please consult my teaching video: Rozome: A Demonstration of Japanese Batik.

*Please note: the wax I am using in this demo is beeswax / paraffin. The footage was shot "BS"
— before soywax!

To adapt this rozome technique to soywax, try a wax mixture of 50% soywax to 50% beeswax. Unfortunately, this still requires drycleaning.

beeswax and paraffin

Japanese dye brushes Jizome brush ergonomic Japanese brush Surikome brushes Irosashi brush


Blending the dye
with the surikome brush.

Sandstone & Turquoise, Rozome by Dorothy Bunny Bowen

sandstone & turquoise
Rozome on Kimono Silk
Framed 28 x 22"


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