Join the artist in her New Mexico studio as she goes through the ancient process of rozome, applying many layers of wax and dye to stretched silk to create a landscape of Dun I, on the Isle of Iona in Scotland video-wax.jpg


A Demonstration
Japanese Batik

Dorothy Bunny Bowen


I began learning batik in 1980, and have studied with many artists from around the world. In 1999, I was introduced to Rozome, the Japanese form of batik, by Betsy Sterling Benjamin. Rozome serves very well to translate the images which I see in my mind.
Dorothy Bunny Bowen

Dun I, Iona
Dun I, Iona, Scotland
Rozome on Silk, 2001
B&L logoProducer: Dorothy B. Bowen
Photographer: Leland H. Bowen

Included is Bowen's 2001 show Unto the Hills, rozome images of mountains amongst which she has lived.

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39 minutes stereo
(NTSC format)


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